What is it Like to be a Marriage or Relationship Counselor?


In today’s stress induced times, one of the first things that couples with marital issues do is to find a marriage counselor. And rightly so, sometimes a third person’s point of view can allow individuals to see things from a new perspective and this can be helpful in order to work on the problems.

When looking to find a counselor, couples can go by recommendations, reviews and feedback or just go through a series of therapists before they find a marriage counselor they like.

Looking at the other end of the spectrum however, it is also interesting to explore what marriage or relationship counselors feel and think, especially when dealing with the problems of so many people on a daily basis. So, what is it like to be a marriage or relationship counselor?

Researching this question, one comes across the various challenges and demands that are placed on the counselors themselves. One of the challenges or qualities that a marriage or relationship counselor has to have is to be flexible at all times.

Therapists meet a number of different people daily, mostly all of them have different issues going on and no one set of rules or plan of action works. There has to be flexibility in terms of what methodology is going to be used to engage the patients.

Ability to communicate and discuss very private concerns without getting disturbed or overwhelmed is imperative. Most couples want to find a counselor who will listen to them patiently and then work with them step-by-step to overcome obstacles.

Being patient at all times is a key component and a mandatory quality for a successful counselor. As a therapist, one cannot lose one’s cool or show frustration openly if the case is difficult or not showing progress.

In addition to the abovementioned components, optimism and empathy too are a part of a counselor’s daily work. In order to give hope to their clients, a counselor has to convey positivity at all times, no matter how they feel internally.

They do not have the liberty of discussing or revealing negative feedback or thoughts in any given circumstance. While this can be a challenging take, this status quo has to be maintained at all times.

But it’s not all give. A marriage and relationship counselor’s work can be very rewarding. Apart from the financial aspect, the idea of helping people out with their issues and knowing that they are adding positive growth and value to the lives of their clients can bring a lot of emotional and personal satisfaction.

Plus, getting exposed to the challenges of so many different people can help the counselor to introspect and value their own relationships a lot more.

Being a marriage or relationship counselor requires a fine balance. Experience is the key. When looking to find a counselor, couples look for years of practice as that adds to the credibility of the therapist. In the end, it’s important to note that a counselor is a tool, which if used well can go a long way in repairing a relationship.

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