Gender Specific TV Commercials- Reaching The Right Audience


Watching Justified with star Timothy Olyphant. The audience 99% male.

Last night I was watching “Justified,” the TV series with star Timothy Olyphant. Most likely the advertising agency for this program thinks the audience is 99% male and in researching on Mediawiki, I discovered I was right.

From Mediawiki: “FX’s covets men in the 18-49 age range as their target audience. Their promotional techniques and the subject matter in their shows appeal directly to this demographic. FX features a late-night programming block called Fully Baked. It runs Louie, Archer, and other original comedy series. The vulgar humor intertwines pop culture references, drugs and sexual innuendos that appeal to an immature, hip audience. As the title implies, the humor especially suits those who smoke pot. The Fully Baked programming block seems to say, “Up late? High? Why not watch some FX comedy? It’s just what you need when you’re baked.” FX advertises Coors Light, a popular beer for inexperienced and underage drinkers, as well as Call of Duty, an obsession of male youth culture. FX also found airing blockbuster films attracts their desired target audience.”

Now you may be wondering what it is that I like about the show, if it’s supposed to be for men? Well, it’s a combination of a love for the old westerns, which I watched with my brother and dad years ago and more recently was a huge fan of the HBO series Deadwood which also starred Olyphant as a lawman.

So, since I am not in their target audience, I found it interesting to watch the commercials they broadcast. I wasn’t interested in what they were selling at all. Should they have thought about whether or not there were others outside of their target market that they should be selling to. No, you should always stay true to exactly who you are trying to reach.

This brings me to a joint venture I’m working on at Master Brand Game Plan. This has been an eye opening adventure. We have created an exclusive business brand and marketing playbook and our target market to teach our classes to are men who want to sell to women. We are going to give them the data we have uncovered from asking women what they want, as well as give them our best branding and marketing strategies so they can clearly send the exact right signals to get the results they want.

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Learning how to advertise what someone else is specifically looking for is the key to success. This is why those commercials didn’t interest me, but did interest 99% of the other viewers, who most likely buy those products and watch those shows.