10 Dogs And Cats Getting Their Cuddle On

cats and dogs cuddling

Snuggle up and watch these cats and dogs become fast (furry) friends.

Fighting like cats and dogs? Not these pets. These 10 loveable pooches and kitties just want to hug it out. And you know what? We can't blame them!

1. Look! It's a living, breathing Pillow Pet.

2. Think sleeping with a kitten is nice? Try sleeping with five.

3. Who says cats play hard to get? Stewart's a total flirt.

4. Hold me closer, tiny puppy!

5. These babies can't decide who's the little spoon and who's the big one.

6. This cat multi-tasks by cuddling and grooming her dog best friend.

7. What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? 

8. It's a party—a slumber party—for this dog and his kittens.

9. These two fluffballs are perfect together.

10. Uh oh. This kitty's not in the mood to cuddle.