The Concept Of “FREE” Does Not Exist In A Successful Relationship defines Whore as(noun): 1 A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet. (Understanding Why Men Treat Some Women Like Queens and Others like Whores) I know you all like free t-shirts and concert tickets from V103, Power 106, 94.7 the Wave or whatever your favorite radio station is. But men are not the radio. Ladies, if you cannot truly offer to leave a tip after a nice dinner then you should not go on the date. Suggest something like, “How about I save you some money. Let's go to the grocery store and I will make you a home-cooked meal (10 Dating Tips on How to Be Different From the Competition!).” The whole point is, you have to do something besides look pretty or you are “ho-ing.” If the man insists on spending his money, it’s okay for you to accept, but know that now he is your ho. It is what it is "Big Willy". Trust, if you really want to find out what’s on a prospective Man of your Dreams’ (MOYD) mind, test him. Ask him this simple question: “Hey Bob, instead of you taking me to dinner, how about you just give me the cash, and I will be your dessert?” The truth will be revealed in his response, which nine times out of 10 will be, “Okay, Suzy, I really wasn't hungry anyhow. I am a dessert man.” Bob just told you that his priority is to have sex with you. It’s the major reason he is taking you out and paying for your dinner. This is how most men think, with our third leg first, then rationalize our actions later. Would he have had the same desire if you were just a friend? He’d say, “Suzy, I have to call it a night. I have an assignment due in the morning.” In that case, Bob does not want any sexual gratification from you. But usually, if we don’t get “dessert,” we think, "Why did i just spend four hours at dinner, when I have an assignment for work due in the morning?" Women compound the problem by playing into our little trap. There are no free lunches. Everybody wants something, including you. A man knows you want to eat and drink, and just like a genie in the bottle, he will grant your wish to get what he wants: “Eat and drink good, you shall!" He’s thinking, “Yes, she is falling right into my dinner plans,” and you, meanwhile, are thinking, "Another free meal!" You have a plan to eat, and he has a plan to get you into bed, maybe not today, but certainly tomorrow. Again, there are no free lunches. Now, the whole point of this is to even out the playing field and help you gain our respect as a human being, instead of as a whore. Why? Because women who are considered productive human beings are sought after and go on to become wives. To end any thought the MOYD might have of you being the next girl on his booty-call list, throw a curveball and see if he can hit it. As a general rule, never go on a date without some type of equal exchange of energy. It could be a simple as baking cookies, meaning, if he is willing to pay for dinner, you should be willing to pay for dessert or sacrifice yourself. If he has a high-paying job and you are making minimum wage, it is right for him to treat, but it is also right for you to leave the tip. Otherwise, in his mind your lacking class, consideration, and your indirectly being purchased for a $50 meal, . Don’t worry, we are not judging you. Almost every woman has her price. "Girl, Bob is making seven figures and he is starting to look real cute.” Dinner is just one example. It could be a pair of shoes, your rent, cell phone bill, car payment, clothing, or whatever the man thinks you need or want that will make you happy and willing. Gifts are little invisible contracts that oblige you through your subconscious. Always remember that every man wants something, even if it is a simple as a “thank you” with some sugar on top. The more you receive without giving, the more it will eventually work against you. You cannot expect to continue to receive without getting caught on the back end. Why? Because that's what 99 percent of men intend from the very beginning. It is how most healthy heterosexual males think. Our goal is to give you what we think you want so we can ultimately have sex with you. Now, if you ask Bob the same question as above and he honestly says sex is a non-issue because he has been celibate for four years, then you may have found a man that is purely interested in your intellect. Weird! But I don't know how sexy that would be. The concept of “free” does not exist in a successful, balanced relationship, and something will suffer: you, him, or all of the above. Have ever noticed how many beautiful women in Hollywood, including stars, date men with money? Yes, these ladies live a posh life for a time, getting their hair and nails done, their rent or car paid for, etc., but as they get older, they are either replaced by the next hot model or, if still in the relationship, are suffering mentally by being with a man who does not love them for anything but their image. (Understanding The Big 9 Reasons Men Cheat on Beautiful Women) It’s the nature of the beast. Even these women who were once the pick of the litter realize the game eventually gets old. Gaining respect and separating yourself from the myriad of other beautiful women is as simple as being unselfish and thinking of the MOYD as you would think of yourself. If you do not want it done to you, than always be considerate and don't do it to him. Be the example you desire, always. (Women have the Power to Help Men Become Better) If you do not want to be treated like a whore, then don't act like one. With this thought in mind, not only will you separate yourself from the competition, you will have made yourself ready to receive that lucky MOYD.