9 Outdoor Date Ideas

couple gardening

Ditch the sweatpants and Netflix. Now that Spring is in the air, try these fresh date ideas!

Fleece sweatpants and your Netflix queue may make for a perfect date night during winter, but now that spring is in the air, it's time for some fresh new date ideas. On your next date night (or day!), why not try one of these outdoor options?

1. Work Up A Sweat
No, we don't mean getting frisky in the great outdoors … okay, we mean that too — but there's another way to get your hearts racing outside. Hit the park for a romantic hike or grab your bikes for a scenic ride. You'll release feel-good endorphins together and work on your bikini bods together. Matching six-packs!

2. Spring Break
It's not just for college students anymore — hit the beach destination for some much-needed relaxation (and romance). If you don't have the time or funds to go anywhere exotic, look up long weekend trips an hour or two away from home. You don't have to travel far to get the benefits of getting away from it all.

3. Play Tourist
There's no better time to get outside and do all of the touristy things you never make time to do. Hit the museums, visit the highest skyscraper or biggest ball of yarn (or whatever the equivalent is in your city), stroll through the botanical garden and make some furry friends at the zoo.

4. Work On Your Green Thumbs
Gardening is a great excuse to get outside — and, if you're planting your own fruits and vegetables, a great excuse to get you both eating healthier too.

5. In With The New
Pick an activity that's new to both of you, and spend the season working on it together. Take rock-climbing classes, train for a half-marathon together, or sign up for a dance class. You'll bond over being beginners and push each other to get better. Plus, a recent study even showers that adding an element of surprise into a relationship can trigger the same emotional state you were both in when you first met, getting back all those lovey-dovey feelings.

6. Take 'Em Out To The Ball Game
And do as the song says and buy 'em some peanuts and cracker jack. Even if you're not a baseball fan, half of the fun is spending the day outside, sitting in the stands with stadium snacks and a crowd of very, very excited people.

7. BBQ For Two
Take picnic-ing to the next level. Many parks allow barbecuing as long as you clean up after yourself, so who says you have to stick to cucumber sandwiches on your picnic date? Bring a blanket, a couple of books, and some meat and/or veggies, and show each other what you can do on the grill. Keep reading ...

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