How Can You Make Up With Your Boyfriend After A Fight?


Having a fight with your boyfriend is a crucial part of your relationship because it gives you the opportunity to express how passionate you are in making the other person understand your opinion. Provided that both of you will not end up as murder victims, fights and arguments are necessary for your relationship because they give it a much-needed zest and prevent it from veering into total boredom. Moreover, it allows you to see how your partner handles an extremely difficult and emotional situation.

For the most part, fights are good for relationships since they make any relationship interesting. Plus, it is natural for lovers to argue because it is but normal for two people to not agree on some matters from time to time. However, when arguments get out of hand, these fights and debates can leave both of you and your boyfriend emotionally and mentally drained. The heated non-stop bickering can make you say things that you will never want to say, but your emotions can sometimes turn you into the worst person your boyfriend has ever met. If you ever find yourself feeling guilty after a fight, and you want to fix things with your beau, here are ways to help you make up with your man.

Say “Sorry” and Mean It

Once things calm down after a huge fight, the first thing you need to do is to apologize sincerely. Remember that when you are ready to apologize, you have to do it in person. Sometimes it is easier to just call him or text him your apology since you are not brave enough to face him after a big fight, but the best and sincerest way of apologizing is saying that you are sorry while looking into his eyes. You may think that your apology will not make a difference, but the truth is, your sincere apology is all that he needs to hear from you.

However, what if you did not cause the fight? Do you still have to apologize?

Yes, you have to. Sometimes you need to swallow your pride and sincerely apologize even when you know that you did not start the arguments. You may not start it, but you might still have said words that hurt your man; hence that is why you still need to say that you are truly sorry. If you think you cannot say it verbally, then apologize humbly and creatively. You can make a personalized apology card and have him read it while you sit beside him. Give him a surprise dinner date at his place by cooking his favorite food. There are a lot of ways to say that you are sorry, but the bottom line is that you have to do it personally and with utmost sincerity. 

Talk about the Fight Calmly

Sometimes it is a bit of a risk to talk about the fight since it may fuel another set of arguments. However, it is necessary to sit down and talk about it to know what lessons you have learned from it. When you need to have the talk, you both need to be calm and talk about it in a mature, logical manner. Just talk about why it happened in the first place without having to accuse each other. Moreover, you also need to talk about how you can avoid having the fight again and set ground rules that both of you will agree upon. You may think that it is dangerous to bring up the reason for the fight and discuss about it, but the fact that you have taken the initiative to sit down and talk about it with your boyfriend only shows that you are committed to your relationship with him and that you value his opinion on crucial matters about your relationship.

Do Not Rush Him into Forgiving You

Remember what they say about respect? That you have to earn it instead of asking for it? The same thing goes for forgiveness. When you apologize, it does not necessarily mean that you have to ask for your man’s forgiveness. You just have to say sorry for the words and actions you have done that hurt him, but you have to give him time to think about your apology and forgive you. The thing about forgiveness is that you should never rush it. Give him enough space and time to realize that your relationship is way bigger than the reason for your fight. Once the pain and anger is over, he will come to terms and forgive you eventually. For more amazing professional relationship advices, please visit