Avoid Online Dating for the One: Get the Guy Instead


Kathryn Alice's new $550 telecourse is an investment better spent on Matthew Hussey

Kathryn Alice, the "love guru" who calls you lazy if you don't manifest a soulmate, is charging $550 for her new telecourse "Online Dating for the One". After seeing the "Get the Guy" live workshop with Matthew Hussey. Kathryn Alice is the author of "Love Will Find You" and her two-month course being marketed as the program for those serious about finding the one. Like many of her past courses, Alice is over promising but does she deliver? Based on the many Amazon reviews that some say are false positives and those who do course after course with her and remain single, the $550 is better kept in your bank account.

If you are feeling the draw to invest in a real result-driven program that has delivered measureable results, consider the 6-month "Get the Guy" online program from Matthew Hussey called "The Man Myth". Hussey, the real-life Hitch, also just released a new book on his popular seminars and if you are in the area, also holds "Get the Guy" weekend intensives. Hussey is heavy on being in action and there is none of the woo-woo and fantasy teachings of just believing your soulmate will arrive like Kathryn Alice preaches. The distinction in Hussey's work is that he can provide names, testimonials, and pictures of satisfied clients. When you are in a pittfall, Hussey won't tell you just to believe and meditate, he'll point out where there is a gap in your strategy. Hussey is also honest enough to tell you why it's you who is in your own way when love isn't in your life yet.

Kathryn Alice has long lectured on why she doesn't like online dating so this recent move on her part to offer a course on attracting the one via the Internet is the latest in her contradictory advice. If you don't believe me, past mp3s recordings of her "Love Club" lectures is full of evidence of Alice talking about the low success rate of online and why. I've got copies of all her "Love Club" recordings from the past year and plenty of proof why her "Online Dating for the One" is a 180 degree reversal of everything she taught for years about the medium. Perhaps that is why Kathryn Alice doesn't sell her book on her website, it contradicts the "Love Club", so contradictions just may be what to expect from her attraction method. The "Love Club" membership is no longer sold on Kathryn Alice's website either for possibly the same reason.

Make an investment in your love life and get yourself to Hussey today. He must have something special to offer. Why else would Kathryn Alice have said to me to avoid his "Get the Guy" system for operating on the "animal level of attraction"? Maybe the truth is, Hussey is that good, but bad for an inferior program's bottom line.