How to find a boyfriend


This article will increase your chances of finding a boyfriend.

This article on how to find a boyfriend is not one of those "how to snag a hot date" advice stories full of despicable tips that involve being deceptive, lying and pretending to be something that you are not. If you really want to find a boyfriend, as opposed to a piece of eye candy, you need to be yourself, or at least the best version of yourself that you can be. When you find a boyfriend, you are hopefully beginning a relationship that will last a long time, so you want to make sure he likes you for who you really are. There are no fool-proof rules guaranteed to help you find a boyfriend. After all, there is a lot of interpersonal chemistry, good luck and other factors like timing involved, but there are a few helpful tips that will increase your chances of finding a boyfriend. Each of the real-life tips is paired with a tip that can be applied to online dating.


How to find a boyfriend #1: Hang around boys AND girls
The best environment for meeting men is not an all-male group, where the testosterone and peer pressure is likely to prevent any serious conversation free of sexual innuendo. On the other hand, a largely female group is likely to intimidate guys and appear off-putting. On a night out, plan to get together male and female friends. Just make sure that none of the men could be mistaken for your partner and none of the other girls are interested in the same the of men you are. Other good examples of this kind of mixed-gender situation perfect for finding a boyfriend are weddings, birthday parties and after-work drinks (just don't hook up with any of your colleagues).
Online dating: Try to find a site where the gender ratio is roughly 50:50. That way, the chance of you being paired with the right guy are higher than if there are too many men (overwhelming) or too many women (competition) on a site.

How to find a boyfriend #2: Stay true to your style, but be willing to adapt
More often than not, women dress more for other women that they do for men. If you really want to find a boyfriend, you don't need to change your style completely, but you may want to adapt it a little. Chances are, what you think men like is not what men actually like. For example, really sexy, revealing clothing, worn with lots of makeup might turn a guy on, but won't do much to attract boyfriend material. Similarly, a look that is too scruffy and laid-back might communicate that you aren't interested in meeting someone.
Online dating: Choose a profile picture that shows you natural, relaxed and doing something you love doing. Over-styled photos are too try-hard, while a shaky, grainy photo taken with your phone camera looks cheap.


How to find a boyfriend #3: Be open and interesting
Women often focus too much on how they look, but if you are looking for a boyfriend, you should also think about how you sound. Most men don't just want an attractive girlfriend, but one who is fun and interesting, so draw attention to your interests and hobbies, speak about the things you enjoy doing and hint at how you might do them together one day.
Online dating: To make your profile interesting and engaging, give as much information about yourself, your likes and interests as possible.