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Imagine that you're blind and over time you've developed a technique for determining how far away an object is by throwing a medicine ball at it. If you Nike Free Run throw your medicine ball at a nearby stool, the ball will return quickly, and you'll know that it's close. If you throw the ball at something across the street from you, it'll take longer to return, and you'll know that the object is far away..

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This is likely due to investors focusing on Sealy's lack of earnings and assuming this also means a lack of cash flow. This is a misconception. In fact, Sealy's $117 million in EBITDA is almost enough to cover the annual interest payment of the combined firm.

Located in a valley that is surrounded by the West Bank, Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea Jordan 3 covers roughly 250 square miles (402 square km) [source: Washington Post]. Given its location, it's no real surprise that the Dead Sea (or the "Salt Sea," as it was referred to in the Old Testament) has an extensive religious history. Also, its onetime main tributary, the Jordan River, is believed by many to be the place where Jesus was baptized [source: Washington Post]..