Celebrity Sex Talk: 6 Craziest Things Heard This Week

Ryan Lochte

"One thing I won't do: I won't give up on love," says (player?) Ryan Lochte.

The reality TV gem known as What Would Ryan Lochte Do premiered last Sunday, and as expected, provided an abundance of meaningful insight into the world of men and dating. Case in point: No. 1 on our sex chatter roundup this week:

1. "If you're a man at night, you've got to be a man in the morning." —Ryan Lochte on What Would Ryan Lochte Do?

2. "There are 3 sex shops within walking distance from my hotel in Berlin. Grocery store would have been a bonus but I'm not gonna get greedy." —Anna Kendrick on Twitter.

3. "I'm attracted to manly men. I can't do metrosexuals who get their nails done more than me. Which is why, living in LA for eight years, you can't blame me for not having a partner!" —Michelle Rodriguez on her type to Cosmopolitan Latina.

4. "Kris Jenner showed off her iPhone case, which says 'Queen of F*cking Everything!' Kim has the same one, just without the word 'everything.'" —Joan Rivers on Twitter.

5. "Last night one of my fantasies came to life! I got to see K.O.D strippers dance for me to the stripper song I made." —Rihanna on Twitter.

6. How does Emily Blunt describe shooting sex scenes with Colin Firth to Jay Leno? "Mortifying." 

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