Release, Let go, and Move on to make PEACE with the PAST....

Heartbreak, Self

Release, let go, and move on from the past break-up, divorce and from betrayal.


• Wouldn’t it be nice if you can heal your hurt from your break-up, divorce, or betrayal?
• Wouldn’t it be nice, if you can transform your terrible experiences into something meaningful?
• Wouldn’t be nice if you can change your views and attitude about your personal tragedy?

Well, I do just that. I empower people to change their views and help transform their tragedy into something meaningful even if they don’t know “HOW”. I help people process hurt, pain, sadness, anger, grief into forgiveness and go on to re-build their trust.

Hi! I am a published author Bhumi Desai

• You can find my book on the Title = Get Over Betrayal in 14 days.
• I have also written numerous articles for Ezine.

I CONFIDENTIALLY coach my clients to help them release, let go, and move on from their past emotional traumas. Anything related to -- Marital Affairs, Emotional Affairs, Betrayal, Infidelity, Adultery, Cheating, Sex, Divorce, Divorce process, and Healing post-divorce, releasing the past, How-To let go of a failed relationship, How to let go of past etc.

Remember: Healing does not have to take months or years in therapy or counseling. You too can land back on your feet quickly and swiftly.

Lastly, we are here to help you in any way we can. Remember, we are experienced at this. We’re a powerful resource that you should never hesitate to use…We are truly committed to your healing process and want to see you come through on the other side.

Bhumi Desai