Ms. Halle Berry Pregnant Again And No Ring!

Halle Berry

Poor Halle Berry, pregnant again, and with no ring. Super gorgeous on the outside, but at some point we all have to ask, what is going on with the inner workings of Ms. Berry that makes her a super successful actress but incompatible for a long term relationship? Halle said to Oprah that she would never get married again. Those ladies are two peas in pod. So let’s set the record straight, so you don’t ever want to get married again, but you want to have babies by multiple men? Hmmm. Something is definitely wrong with that equation. Lord have mercy. Somebody better call T.D. Jakes.

Let’s back up. How can a successful, Oscar-winning actress, drop-dead gorgeous, even in her yonder years, be unable to find the right man to say “Yes?” Oh my goodness, are you kidding me? Halle, it’s okay to go ahead and pick from the myriad stars of the NBA, football and baseball (sorry scratch baseball). Okay, I know you ladies think that I am being extremely hard on Ms. Berry, and for that I apologize. All jokes aside, Ms. Berry is such a beautiful and successful lady that there is really no excuse, except that she might not know how to find and keep the man of her dreams. It’s really okay. All you have to do is say “help,” or “I really do not know what I am doing.”

It also appears that Halle is actually avoiding the problems with her past relationship issues instead of addressing them head on. It is number #3, Not Taking Responsibility or Action, on our list of The Top Ten Mistakes Women Make in Finding and Keeping the Men of Their Dreams, avoiding looking in the mirror at yourself as part of the problem. It is always easier to blame someone else or just say I will not do it, but it is hard to take responsibility and say I made some mistakes and have a few issues I need to work on within myself to be a better companion.

So let’s dig a little deeper and see if we can spot the potential problem. Keep reading ...

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