Dating tips/Considerations for Men


It takes a new tactic and a new man to win at love!

For all those who are not sure how to treat a girl or ask out their crushes for a date. They must take some guy advice, make a mental note that women are very delicate, emotional and they easily create certain expectations from their beaus. They look forward to be treated with admiration, respect and they prefer to be showered with loads of warmth and love. Women tend to chat a lot and they desire those men who listen to them patiently and support them unconditionally. Hence, the best way to woo your girl is to be a true gentleman and treat her like a princess. In order to, truly impress a girl a man should always be himself. Women are very instinctual and possess a very powerful sixth sense. Therefore, they tend to easily judge when a person is being fake or trying too hard. Therefore, a man should always try to be honest and treat a lady tactfully. Meaning, he should always be honest about his desires but should deliver their intentions in a sugarcoated or rather in a diplomatic manner. Too much information or excess bluntness might offend women and instead of falling for you she might run far away from you and one other fellow species to stay away from you. Those cliché days are long gone when it was ok for men to stay filthy and not bathe for days or weeks. In today’s era females prefer metrosexual men. This means that they seek for attractive and good looking male species that wear clean clothes, smell good and have a likable over all personality. In case you are going on a date from work or office directly. Make sure that you keep separate clean and stylish clothes, aftershave and cologne with you. Take a shower at work and dress nicely for your date. It is true that women pursue for clean, good looking and professional yet stylish men. Throughout the date make sure that the woman sees your sophisticated side and impress her with your good manners and elegant persona. Therefore the best practice is to always have your phone on silent mode or switched it off. If you're taking her to a restaurant check the wine menu, read a few Wine Reviews so as to be ready to impress. Women have a tendency to get jealous or possessive easily therefore, they do not like if their men are not paying full attention and consideration to them. So abstain from speaking to any other female while on the date. If it is your first date then it is advisable to tell the lady about yourself, your friends and your household members. But do not disclose too much information or do not reveal all your accomplishments. That way, she might think that you are a show off or a proud person. Furthermore, give her a chance to talk and listen to her considerately, ask questions about her. In case, if she gets uncomfortable and she is not keen to answer then do not force her. Give her time to understand you and give her time to fully trust and understand you. Asking a person out on a date or making someone notice you can be part of a well-planned strategy but courting and relationships do not come with a specific set of rules. At the end of the day all relationships depend upon the two people, their states of mind and their levels of trust, confidence, understanding, commitment and respect for each other.


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