How to be popular on Senior Dating site

Contributor revels the most frequently asked questions by over 50 female daters

According to a survey by a senior dating site, the most frequently asked questions by over 50 female daters are: How to make their dating profile attractive? And what do men want from women when they are dating after 50? Below are some tips to help over 50 women understand what 50+ single men want and how to make an attractive dating profile.

Generally, over 50 women who are interested in meeting men don’t want to give the opposite sex the wrong impression. Yet many women still post the wrong photos on their online dating profiles such as party photos where they are drunk and posing while being dressed very provocatively with their equally provocatively dressed girlfriends. These photos might look sexy but are much more likely to scare away men who are looking for serious relationships. It’s true that men are sexually attracted to women who wear tight clothes that reveal more flesh. However, not a single man would want such a woman to be his life partner. This is because the way they feel sexually attracted to a woman is the very same way how other men would feel. Most of men who are single over 50 must have broken up with a long-term partner or lost their partners forever. They would prefer to date women who dress smartly and decently, because after 1 or more long-term marriage and relationship, they have come to realize that relationships are not founded on looks alone but on character.

Therefore, it is important for senior singles to choose the right photos for their online dating profiles. Women can use a photo of themselves in the office dressed in a stylish and professional outfit, a photo of them playing games or exercising with grandchildren, or a photo of them on a trip. Facial expression is also important. Always remember to have a great smile, because a woman’s smile can melt away the heart of any man. And this is why men look for a woman with a great smile.

Other qualities that over 50 men look for in their women are:
1. Have a good sense of humor and laugh at their jokes.
2. Tolerant, warm-hearted, and selfless.
3. Active, adventurous, and feel young at heart.
4. Mentally secured and financially stable.
5. What's the most important: always keeping fit and healthy.

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