Understanding The Principle Of Momentum In a Relationship.

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When a guy really likes you, and you say “yes” at the right time, when the momentum or energy burst is at its strongest point, the relationship will be in your favor. What happens is most women fail in their relationships because they fail to understand the Principle of Momentum. No, this does not mean you have to sleep with him, but it does mean that when he asks you out and you say no because you and the girls are hanging out, with each no you give him, you slowly lose momentum. The excitement he had for you in the beginning, that could have easily carried the relationship for the next 20 years, begins to fade. Saying “yes” at the right time is imperative to your future success with the Man of your Dreams.

Here’s a playback of what happens inside the mind of a man: He was really focused on you when you first met, but with each “no” you gave him, his mind, dreams and attention went elsewhere, and by the time you said “yes,” he is like, “okay.” But his energy is not the same, and now the relationship is more in his favor, and soon you are wondering why you are not a priority in his life anymore. He is now trying to get away from you instead of pursuing you. What a switch! And of course your complaint is that he does not spend enough quality time with you, but you forget that in the beginning, when he was asking to spend time with you, it was more important for you to hang out with your girls. Now he wants to hang out with his guy friends.

Remember, in the beginning, it was you who provided the example that hanging with your girls at the sports bar on a Friday night was okay, and therefore it was you who originally set the tone and momentum. Everything else in your life was always more important than spending any quality time with him. Ladies, men subconsciously remember how you first treated them, and it will later come back to bite you in the booty. So know what you want from the start and be aware of the example you are setting for any future MOYD conduct. One potential reason women lose the momentum in a relationship is because they fail to understand how to use their beauty in their favor. Saying “yes” at the right time is everything to a man who really likes you. (Perfect Love? Pres. Barack and Michelle Obama) In addition, you may have failed to realize or perhaps took it for granted that all your man needed to hear was you saying “yes,” and that “yes” would have filled him with such happiness that you could do no wrong, ever, so much so that it would take a thousand men and women to tell him something to the contrary. Example: “Hey, Teddy, we saw your girl out last night with some guy at the sports bar. “Nah, man, that was not my girl.” You can do no wrong!

Now, when you have lost the momentum in a relationship, it seems like almost everything you do is wrong. Men are simple, so if you want to create a successful relationship with a man just KISS (keep it simple, stupid), because later in the relationship, you certainly do not want him thinking you are immature, irresponsible or make bad choices.

I know what you are saying: You had no idea that you would one day fall in love with the very same man you use to ditch for your girlfriends, but his persistence was exactly what you needed to settle that ass down, and now you want to spend your every waking moment with him. You don’t want to go to work; you want to sleep in and cuddle. You don’t want him to go to work; you want to have babies, etc. We know! Always remember the difference between a rich person and a poor person is that the rich person was able to strike gold and gain momentum before the poor person even recognized gold was present. The key to mastering the Momentum Principle is to know a good deal when it hits you upside the head. Look at it this way: If you know a two-carat diamond ring is under the rug because you see this lump and you looked, are you going to take a chance and wait, hoping nobody else will find it, or are you going to jump on that diamond right now? (“Girl, what are you doing on the floor? You okay? “Yes, Tina, I am okay. Just having a moment.”) If you can see the same value in a man and jump on him at the right time, you gain the momentum and will always be in the driver’s seat, unless you get caught cheating. (CHEATING SIGNS: 7 MORE REASONS WHY A MAN WOULD NEVER KNOW A WOMAN CHEATED ! PART II) Now the big question at this point is how to know when a man is serious about you? Here are a few quick pointers: 1 He recognizes that a man cannot be physically in two places at once. 2 He attempts to call or text you on a daily basis. 3 He always picks up the phone when you call. 4 He makes you a priority in his life and will stop what he is doing to come to your aid. 5 He attempts to be a little more patient when sleeping with you. This is just good common sense. How much can you know about a person when you have not had the time to get to know them? (Understanding How We Know You’re the One) These are just a few quick pointers, but for a more detailed explanation see (How to know you’re the one). Once again, remember the Principle of Momentum, combined with a little practical common sense, allows the energy to flow from you to the man and back to you, following the path of least resistance. It is truly an art, but once you understand and master it, you, my dear, will be in the driver’s seat. Men are really just that simple (KISS). Feed us, burp us and we are happy.

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