Celebrity Sex Talk: 7 Craziest Things We've Heard This Week

Rebel Wilson

Let's talk about sex, baby.

From a Teen Mom with a new sex tape to Rebel Wilson's hosting job at the MTV Movie Awards, we have your roundup of the wildest celebrity sex quotes uttered this week. 

"Zac, do you want to give me an Australian kiss now? It's like a French kiss but down under." Rebel Wilson to Zac Efron after she won the award for 'Best Breakthrough Performance' at the MTV Movie Awards.

"It's going to get rough out there, but I need you to know one thing: my safety word is tangerine." Jonah Hill joking that he had been cast along with Emma Watson in Fifty Shades of Grey

"His penis is small. I haven't seen many, but his was definitely not big." Teen Mom Farrah Abraham on her sex tape partner, porn star James Deen.

"I want to believe the person in the hotel room above me is jumping on the bed because they got a promotion but it's gotta be sex, right?" Lena Dunham on Twitter.

"There was nothing sexy about it. My wife is so beautiful, but it wasn't like that. She was very, 'You know what, Mike, it's nine o'clock on Tuesday night and we must do it now.'" Michael Bublé on how unsexy trying to have a baby can be to People.

"It is no secret. He has a Magic Mike I'd like to sing into." Rebel Wilson referring to Channing Tatum's magic parts at the MTV Movie Awards.

"My mother NEVER walked in on me having sex! Then again, she didn't have a set of keys to my Chevy." Joan Rivers on Twitter.

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