5 Erotic Everyday Activities

couple grocery shopping

See the surprising places your desire can build.

Sometimes a random outing with the person you're sleeping with can turn the most average place into one that's full of sexually-charged energy. These are our favorite places where that has happened. Perhaps they'll create sparks for you too? You'll only know if you go.

    1. Admiring An Art Museum.
    Yes, you might see nude paintings, photos, sculptures, artifacts, etc. Yes, that might turn you on. But you might also like standing close together, sharing an inspired moment, whispering to each other in a quiet gallery, or playing the game where you each pick out the piece you'd have in your home (if you could). All that exposure to creativity and history might have you creating a historical night in bed.

    2. Screaming At An Amusement Park.
    Rides that make your heart go thwack! give you an adrenaline rush. Sex does that too, so it's not surprising that a rollercoaster can feel like foreplay. But there’s also clutching each other when you're scared, making out on a Ferris wheel, schooling each other on bumper car skills, competing at carnival games (and winning stuff for each other), or sharing a churro and feeling like kids again. Forget Disneyland. All that sugar and stimulation might make your bedroom the happiest place on earth.

    3. Getting Quiet At The Library.
    Studying with someone you're attracted to is the ultimate distraction. You have to be quiet, sit down, bury your nose in a book, and behave which begs you to rebel. You could sneak off for some naughty, shussshing, hot library sex in the stacks, but there's also touching under the table, finding a quiet corner where you read to each other, or sitting far apart and staring at each other while your desire builds. All that solitude and holding back might inspire some extra loud sex when you get out of there.

    4. Bending It In Yoga Class.
    Yes it's about health, wellness and spirituality. But doing yoga with your partner can also be a long, sweaty, pre-sex-a-thon. Seeing them half dressed, their body moving and twisting in exotic ways, junk kind of displayed to capture the imagination. And it doesn’t have to be tantric yoga. Just sweating, breathing, or getting strong together can heighten your craving to get it on. Certain poses increase blood flow to the nether regions and get you ready for some divine one-on-one time. Keep Reading ...

    This article was originally published at Care2. Reprinted with permission from the author.