7 Easy Ways To Heat Up Date Night

couple kissing

We asked, you answered. Here are our favorite readers' ideas on how to make dates extra romantic.

5. Incorporate Surprise
"Make it out-of-the-ordinary. Surprise, particularly well-planned and thoughtful surprise, goes a long way towards letting that special someone know you really, really care." — Tom

Try to surprise your partner with something thoughtful, even if it's something seemingly small. Think about the things your partner mentioned in the past that he or she would like to try and attempt to make that happen. Does your partner have a sweet tooth? Well, pick up their favorite cherry-filled chocolates on your way home from work — a thoughtful surprise can go a long way in relationships, especially when it's not the norm.

6. Be Spontaneous
"Try not to have a big agenda or a set notion for what a perfectly romantic date night includes. spontaneity can make for a fun, romantic, memorable experience. plus if you're not attached to a certain program and are game for what your partner wants to do, s/he will in all likelihood be pleased that its about them." — Andrea

When it comes to making date night extra romantic, fight the urge to plan too much — it's great to have a little surprise planned or a general idea for the night, but try not to micromanage the whole night into a scheduled and forced event. Spontaneity makes for some of the most romantic, adventurous and memorable experiences, so leave a little bit up living in the moment and roll with it!

7. Be Happy
"Build some anticipation for the date, perhaps be a bit less in touch with him all day than you usually are so he can miss you! When you do contact him throughout the day, keep it to short, flirty conversations that make him think about what's to come later ..." — Sara

OK this seems like a no-brainer, but it's surprising how many times we fail to realize that a positive outlook and a sunny disposition can make or break the whole night. Prepare yourself for the excitement and romance of date night, but go into it with an open mind and an upbeat attitude so you're not disappointed if it's not exactly what you were expecting. This is a time to inject joy into your relationship, so smile, laugh and enjoy this precious time together.