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Wood, wood, wood. And I am not talking about the design here. Guitars come in a variety of wood materials, patterns, engravings, bindings, and ornaments, but if they weren't cut properly or dried before being molded into guitar shape then you can only expect them to produce poor sound quality. Find a manufacturer or retailer that seasoned guitarists trust. As for wood types, a solid spruce top is more durable than a plywood or two-piece one. Guitars with mahogany backs and sides, meanwhile, produce a lighter tone than do guitars made of rosewood backs and sides. Try to understand the differences as best as you can, because - while strings can be replaced - the wood on your acoustic guitar cannot.click here
Consider bridge and action. The guitar bridge is where the sound vibrations come from, and it supports the transmission of these vibrations to the chamber. It is the means by which strings vibrate freely and efficiently to a larger surface. Scrutinize the bridge closely and see what conveniences (and limitations) it presents on your logistical and technical concerns, such as string buzz, compatibility with pickups, etc. Action, meanwhile, is the space between the strings of the guitar and its neck. If you are only beginning to learn how to play the instrument, then be sure to choose a guitar that has relatively low action. That way, your fingers won't be distracted by the effort of having to reach for the strings.
Shop in person, but buy online. After getting a feel of the guitar, check out the websites that are selling the specific model that you are eyeing. You'll be surprised to find that the best and most affordable deals are online. Guitar Center, Guitar Trader, and InstrumentPro.com also offer helpful guides and online coupons for their customers