Affordable Ways to Protect Your Home

Affordable Ways to Protect Your Home

You may have thought you were buying a home in a nice, safe neighborhood, but come to find out, your neighbors have been targeted and you don't want to be next. There are several ways to protect your home without spending a fortune on extensive security systems.

1. Choose the Right Neighborhood

Just because a neighborhood is an upscale area doesn't mean that it's the least prone to getting robbed. In fact, often thieves are more interested in nicer neighborhoods where the objects they'll steal will offer more of a payoff. If you want to find areas where the most theft is happening, use sites such as where you can see the most recent thefts in various neighborhoods. Before you buy a house, make sure it's in an untargeted area.

2. Develop a Routine

Often homes are burglarized because existing security tools weren't used. Simply getting into the routine of locking doors and windows before you leave the house will help you to deter thieves from finding an easy entrance. Around 30 percent of homes broken into were broken into by the thief walking right into the home. Simply using the protective tools you have is probably the most inexpensive way to defend your threshold.

3. Get a New Lock

Although the 60s brought us the deadbolt, thieves have upped their game in recent years. Lock snapping allows thieves to snap a euro cylinder into two parts and then remove the outside piece. Lock bumping allows thieves use a fake key to torque and strike the lock open. And lock drilling involves the thief to drill out the lock with an HSS drill. You can get a strong lock that defies these techniques to truly protect your home from theft.

4. Motion Sensors and Automatic Light Timers

Motion sensors not only shine light on shady business, but they also catch the thief off guard and deters them from their original plan. Automatic light timers are also an inexpensive way to give off the impression that you're at home when you really aren't. Especially if you frequently travel for business, light timers are a great little trick to make thieves think someone's home.

5. Enlist the Neighbors

Whether you develop a neighborhood watch or simply ask your neighbors to help with your home protection when you're out of town or at work, neighbors are a great and inexpensive security system. If you go out of town, make sure that you ask the neighbors to keep up with mail and lawn mowing, so that thieves don't get the message that your home is fair game.

6. Incorporate Unmonitored and Wireless Security Systems

If you're still not having success with simpler tools, you should consider getting an affordable security system. Because you don't have to have a professional wire the system, wireless security systems are more affordable than regular security systems. Likewise, unmonitored systems allow you to avoid paying monitors extra fees. Set up your system yourself and you'll save even more.

If you anticipate your opponent, you can prevent theft in your home without spending a lot of money. Even if you decide to get a security system, you can outfit your home without breaking the bank.

Morton Jarvis writes articles for family lifestyle blogs. Many of the articles are about the safety of your family and home. At Safe, Sound Family website you will find information and security solutions to safeguard your family.