Looking For Summer Love? What A MLB Pitcher Wants Women To Know

Gio Gonzalez

With baseball season in full swing, we spoke to Washington Nationals pitcher—and designer of The House of Leagues apparel collection—Gio Gonzalez for his major league relationship secrets. Batters up, ladies!

YourTango: Are you in a relationship?
Gio Gonzalez: Not right now! I am single, ladies!

YourTango: You design a lot of T-shirts. Do you prefer a girlfriend in jeans and a tee or something more flirty?
Gio Gonzalez: I love a girl in jeans and a tee ... she looks very natural and not like she is trying too hard.

YourTango: How can a YourTango reader grab a guy's attention at a baseball game?
Gio Gonzalez: She should do her research on the teams ... pay attention to the scores and really seem into it to attract a guy.

YourTango: What should she never do?
Gio Gonzalez: She should never talk badly about teams ... it just doesn't seem nice!

YourTango: How about at a sports bar? How should a woman hit on a guy there?
Gio Gonzalez: She should act the same way: Know the teams and the game, pay attention, and get excited!

YourTango: Besides going to a baseball game, what other summer date ideas do you recommend?
Gio Gonzalez: I love going on ice cream dates on a hot, summer day. Just playing catch, relaxing and reading at the park is great. Also, any water parks and movie dates!

YourTango: 'Fess up: What's the worst pickup line you ever used?
Gio Gonzalez:
I once told a girl, "Ouch! Did it hurt when you fell from the sky?"

YourTango: What's something all women need to know about men and dating?
Gio Gonzalez:
Sundays are days for guys to watch sports or unwind in the man cave—give guys their "guy time" and give them their space to hang with their buddies ... be independent and don't be clingy!

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