Create the ultimate passion pit!


Get in the mood more often.

Needing to banish the clutter and turn your room into something more inspiring for a torrid night in? I've compiled a list of tried and true tips to convert your bedroom into the ultimate passion pit., with the creative use of ambience, furniture and soft furnishings. There's no better mood killer than re-runs of CSI or a room that seriously lacks atmosphere. So turn off that TV and de clutter your room first and foremost. What should be the main investment here is a decent bed and the best bedding you can afford. Nothing says "let's rumble all night" like 1000 thread cotton sheets. Invest in great pillows, plush covers and soft sheets with sensual fabrics, and sheets with a high thread count. Nothing less than 250 is a good rule. Throw rugs are handy too, get lucky and you may end up on the floor, so stash something to cushion the fall! According to the Feng Shui principles, you should always have items in pairs (ie 2 pictures, 2 lamps, 2 end tables etc) and avoid any water elements, as that sucks the fire energy right out of the room. Once you've got the furniture sorted, it's time to work on the ambience. Make sure your lighting sets the feel, and is flattering. You want to feel confident and look and feel sexy, so invest in some lamps / candles. Perhaps get yourself some candles that double as massage oil or wax, as well as helping with lighting as fragrance. Double the fun! Make sure you've got access to a decent music player or iPod dock, after all, music it's not called "the food of love" for nothing! Or if you are more visual, invest in some erotic artwork, or perhaps open your mind to more ambient adult movies like those produced by Andrew Blake. High fashion, great music and visuals - you can't help but get in the mood. And what about the morning after. Morning fun? Yes please. Morning breath? Not so hot. Make sure you've got a handy little stash of mints somewhere. Remember the idea here is to make your room sexy, not overly girly or masculine, so design your room with ambience, comfort and function in mind, and let the fun begin!