10 Tips to get you RED HOT for your next date.

Love, Self

Unless it's a pre-determined hookup and you are all set to arrive in the trenchcoat and nothing else, I'm guessing this is the kind of night where you want to appear confident, and alluring but not look like you've tried too hard.

So tonight's the night, and you want to impress, and not leave anything to chance. Here are some great tips to make your best first impression.

After all, a great first impression can mean the difference between snagging a second date! The main golden rule is not to go overboard. Don't go and get a drastic new haircut or outfit, choose makeup and a look that is tried and true and makes you feel comfortable and confident. And don't leave your outfit till the last minute and have a fashion emergency that leaves you trying on everything in the house and hating everything, you'll only end up a nervous mess!

Do a little investigating prior as to wear you are going, the "feel" for the date, and god dammit woman get organised early so you can have a wine and walk out that door calm! It's good to show a little skin, but also leave some things to the imagination! If I'm in first date mode, I will always try and show a little of my best bits, but balance the outfit to leave some things to the imagination. For example, you may have a beautiful neckine, choose something that has great structure for the neck, showing off your lines, but don't be spilling out all over the place. Just a hint of cleavage is incredibly sexy!.

You want to choose something that is sexy & suggestive, but also structured to highlight your best features and your own style. I suggest keeping it simple when it comes to makeup. Really less is more. Most men will tell you they prefer a natural look, and again, it's all about highlighting your best features.

Playing up the eyes, should mean downplaying the lips. And vice versa. For a lips focus, go for something special. Nothing beats a bright red. I've been using Jungle Red by NARS for years. It's creamy, but doesn't move, which could come in handy later ;) Make sure you invest in a great strong lipliner to give you the perfect pout and keep it perfect through dinner / drinks.

Go easy on the fragrance. A spritz on each wrist, the back and front of the neck should last you a good 6 hours without being overpowering. You don't want to give the poor guy a migraine! If you've got killer legs, you've gotta get em out. There's nothing more sexy than a pair of killer keels, or even better, cuban heeled stockings.

Ditch the flats tonight and slip those moisturised legs into something that makes you feel sexy and confident. So now you are looking your best, it's time to walk out that door oozing confidence. Everyone has a different strategy for pumping themselves up or relaxing before an important event. Do whatever works for you that leaves you walking out that door feeling and looking great, for yourself first and foremost! Go get him!