A New Expert..


As someone fascinated by relationships, events, dating and technology, YourTango are always doing great things. I'm mostly known for producing theatre and cabaret shows in Australia.

But there are many things you don't know about me. I am an advocate for glamour, and the shows I produce are a testament to this. I believe a woman can achieve anything she wants to, whether it's in business, love or life in general. And I also believe all women should take pride in their appearance, be confident and look and feel amazing, no matter what their shape, size or background. I guess that's why I fell so in love with burlesque.

On a personal note, I've been married, single, separated, a single mother, and soon, a divorcee. I've been an online dater, a Rules Book girl, and used to run a swingers party. Although I don't believe in labels, I guess I would identify as bi sexual, however I am currently dating a few men, keeping my options open as I look for Mr Dazzling.

I do not identify as a Swinger, although I do have a Celebrity Top 5 Rule, and I get immunity should I ever get the chance, and 2 on my list were women. I also proudly support and donated my services to Sydney Mardi Gras last year and will continue to do so. I've dated famous men, older men, younger men, cross dressers, lawyers and married men (mostly unknowingly). I've dated the bad boy, the loser, the insanely hot but no brains man, the A grade sports man. I've had the one night stand. Kissed a female supermodel. I've made a billion fabulous mistakes and probably still have a few billion ahead of me.So what.

What's life without the trials and tribulations of love. You are a long time dead.

But at the end of the day, dating, love and relationships fascinate me, and it's something I LOVE to talk about. I want to tell you the worst pick up lines I've ever heard. I want to tell you not only my glamorous and sexy stories, but also the Bridget Jones ones where I fall down the stairs. After all, Dating and Love is isn't always smooth sailing. It can be the most amazing experience ever, or a total train wreck.

But I also want to hear yours. What do you want? How can you get it? What's holding you back from getting what you really want? My articles will be not only to make you giggle, think and talk. They are to add to YourTango experience and I'm going to be here to share your dating and YourTango journey. And I can't wait. xx