Rebel Wilson: Sex, Dating & GIFs!

Rebel Wilson

Gear up for Rebel Wilson's turn as host of the MTV Movie Awards this weekend.

This Sunday, Rebel Wilson is hosting the 2013 MTV Movie Awards and we can't think of a better choice. She's hilarious, she's sassy, she's adorable and her animated nature makes her sort of a natural for GIF stardom. Here, we've rounded up our favorite Rebel Wilson reactions to those unfortunate scenarios we've all faced at some point or another in our love lives.

How you handle being the last single one left of your girlfriends:

You know how seductive you feel after two shots of tequila? This is how seductive you look:

Oh, he bought you a shot?

When you realize he's not working with as much as you thought:

When you run into your ex and his new girlfriend ... while you're buying condoms:

It's the third date with a hottie! You know what that means ...

When you're still basking in the hookup glow after he leaves:

Reminiscing about it the next night ...

But then when he starts getting clingy and creepy:


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