5 Undateable Facebook Failures

woman upset at computer

Real examples of why you shouldn't look for love on Facebook.

The digital age provides us plenty of opportunities to meet people and strengthen connections online. But sometimes, we see a different side of people online: the undateable side.

Need proof that finding your soul made on Facebook isn't a good idea? Our Friends at TruTV took the liberty of finding some pretty ridiculous posts on Facebook. You know, the kind that make you scroll back and say "Seriously?!".

From the guy who thinks an article from The Onion is actually real to the one who devotes his status to rambling about the one that got away, these Facebook users are exactly who we don't want to date.

See the list at TruTV: Wal-Mart love birds and undateable Facebook failures

What about you? What undateable things do your Facebook friends do?

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