Should Your Girlfriend Get Between You And A Man Who Is...


... trying to speak to you in a social setting?

Why do women think its okay to talk to a man any way they want to, and still expect men to give them respect? Are you kidding? Ladies, getting respect starts with you taking responsibility for any action, known or unknown to you, that might have caused a rift in your relationship, including but not limited to the way you speak to the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD).

Okay, here’s the scenario: It’s Friday night, and four girls are sitting at a table in a sports bar, looking great, of course. Two guys walk in, and one of the guys (Teddy) happens to know one of the girls at the table and guy#2 (Bear) met her briefly and actually had a great conversation with her on a previous occasion. She is from a foreign country and Bear actually had visited this remote place. The girl in question has a boyfriend, at whose birthday party she met Bear previously. The girl in question promised to keep in touch with Bear by sending a Facebook request, but she totally forgot due to the busyness of life. When she sees him, she apologizes and gives him her phone number so the two can catch up later. Bear is really fond of the young lady, and the lady knows this, so while everyone is seated at the table, he wants to know more about her in a respectful way, so he is persistent in his pursuit. The two are speaking but her body language is somewhat leaning away. Do keep in mind that music is also blasting, so it’s hard to hear. Maybe he is speaking too loudly, but she is not telling him to sit down or go away. Now the girlfriend across the table rudely interrupts and starts going off on Bear, telling him that he is making her girlfriend uncomfortable. To him, it was a shock, to say the least. Did Bear do anything to warrant such a response? He was not speaking to her rudely or touching her; he was simply speaking to her for a few minutes. The girlfriend later apologized for her behavior and agreed that Bear did not deserve to be spoken to in that way.

If you want different results, you have to be different. Why is it that women think it’s okay to yell, scream, and use bad language with their man, or even a total stranger for that matter? How could you ever expect any man with any common sense to respect you or want to be with you if you are treating him this way? The most attractive woman will quickly become the least attractive. We are not pointing fingers, because the above scenario goes both ways. And I will take some of this advice myself. I know we as human beings are not perfect, and understanding this, we should apologize for our mistakes, take responsibility and constantly work towards self-improvement so that we can attract the man or woman of our dreams instead of the man or woman of our nightmares. In all actuality, the man of your nightmares could very well be another woman’s dream man, just because she talks to him and treats him differently (Understanding How To Speak to the Man of Your Dreams 101; Yes, Sir, No, Sir). You might say, “He was not like that when he was dating me.” Hmm, I wonder why? You can bring the worst or the best out of a man simply by the way you speak to him.

So, would you like to know how to bring the best out of the MOYD? (The Five Magic Words the Man You’re Dating Secretly Wants You to Say)  You can do this through love, kind words, encouragement and lots of patience, and most importantly being the example you desire. (Women Have the Power to Help Men Become Better) The answer lies in the opposite direction of how you acted last night with your girls, such as in the above scenario. For all of you ladies who want to know, finding and keeping the MOYD starts with being a better, new and improved you, and only you can do that.

Improving you is the only option you actually have control over. Once you realize that you have the power, you can choose to start or stop a potential forest fire by simply using a different tone. When dealing with men, it’s just that simple. Now watch how you get what you want with ease and much less effort by communicating with the MOYD in an even, calm tone. Watch how he reacts to you. He will be thinking, is she okay? Who is this new person? Is this some type of setup? I love you more. Please stay. If you are wondering, men also have this power, but we are here to help you get the results you desire out of any man, including friends and co-workers, with the least amount of effort and resistance.

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