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basically i'm just wanting to vent, because there's a lot on my mind right now.

okay so i'm SOOOOO stressed out. I've got school to worry about.. this is my junior year and it's stressing me out to the max; I've missed the past 2 days because I had a bladder infection so i'm having to get caught up and ugh. just that makes me depressed. i'm also 18 years old and haven't gotten my license yet. not even my PERMIT! :( because i'm lazy and irresponsible. alsooo, I don't have a job. I need advice... I have NO motivation to do anything. I'm so stressed out because I feel like i'm so pressured to do it all at once but I can't! that's too much and it will cause me to completely lose it. I'm practicing online for my permit test but I've taken it at the DPS 6 times already and failed it. I'm gonna be like spongebob and never get my freakin license. :(


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