10 Things To Know About Margaret Thatcher's Personal Life

Margaret Thatcher

Behind Margaret Thatcher's steely exterior was a woman full of spirit ... and fashion advice?

Known as the "Iron Lady" for her tough conservative stance, Margaret Thatcher was incomparable in paving a place for women in the political arena. While Meryl Streep covers the former Prime Minister's government actions in The Iron Lady, here's a behind-the-scenes personal look at the lady who resided at 10 Downing Street from 1979 to 1990.

1. Born Margaret Hilda Roberts on Oct. 13, 1925, Thatcher lived above her father's shop as a child. He sold groceries to plenty of neighborhood families; a respectable job but not one that provided young Margaret with hot water. As a girl, she would often take cold baths … brr!

2. Prior to becoming the first and only female prime minister of Britain, Thatcher worked as a chemist. While employed by food manufacturer J. Lyons and Company, she helped create soft-serve ice cream, later leaving the field to study law. 

3. Margaret's iconic pearls and power suits shaped her fashion preferences. She was once quoted as saying: "I wear my Sunday best seven days a week!" Words to live by, don't you think?

4. She named all of her outfits based on where they were purchased. Her 'Waddesdon Navy' suit was unique from other navy suits, for example. Do you name your bags and heels? It's okay, we won't tell.

5. Margaret Thatcher and Nancy Reagan were good friends. During her political career, Thatcher spent long hours building a friendship with ex-president Ronald Reagan (often referred to as her "political soul mate"), and she wound up growing close to Nancy, too. 

6. Sadly, Thatcher had an estranged relationship with her twin children, Mark and Carol. She spent the last two holiday seasons at home with her faithful housekeeper Kate and without her children or family members.

7. At 26, she married wealthy British businessman Denis Thatcher, who lovingly referred to her as "The Boss." Once, when asked whether or not it was love at first sight, Margaret told a reporter "certainly not." Throughout their marriage, she often relied on Denis for his strong support and unconditional love.

8. Denis once told the press, "I have been married to one of the greatest women the world has ever produced. All I could produce, small as it may be, was love and loyalty." Our hearts are melting! In 2003, Denis passed away at the age of 88 after almost 52 years of marriage. KEEP READING

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