The Life of A Confirmed Bachelor


What makes a man choose singlehood?

Last week, I was “forced” to cook dinner for a guy I dated a lifetime ago. I wanted to interview him for this blog and the only way he would agree to it was if I cooked for him. (Sigh). So I did.

Though we didn’t make it as a couple, he and I have remained friends through the years and it was a fun night. Why didn’t we make it? There’s no one specific reason, but I do know that we have different sensibilities about a lot of things. For example, he didn’t understand why I would get mad when he would use my toothbrush. Eeeeww!

John (as in “Doe”, because he won’t let me use his real name) is a youthful 54-year-old executive in the entertainment industry. I wanted to interview him because I write a lot about my own spinsterhood and was curious about the male experience. I don’t pretend that John is representative of other men who’ve never been married, but I found his responses to my questions rather intriguing.
John has always dated a lot, and I find what he’s doing now particularly interesting… Continue reading…