10 Roulette Games That Are Way (Way!) Better Than Tattoo Roulette

Ryan Cabrera

Just a thought for next time, Ryan Cabrera.

Netflix Roulette: Listen, if it weren't for Netflix, I wouldn't know that a 1994 straight-to-video movie called Whore 2 exists and that there's a woman with the same name as me in it playing a prostitute named Susan. That's a really important thing to know when Googling yourself.

Career Roulette: We go to school and intern and explore our career options for a reason. That reason is because not all of us were born to be crocodile hunters, so most of us shouldn't try. But if you survive, it's a pretty badass explanation for your missing thumb.

Karaoke Roulette: There's a chance you'll get Journey. There's also a chance you'll get "The End of the World As We Know It," but there's still a chance you'll get Journey.

Seafood Roulette: Fugu is a Japanese delicacy made from a pufferfish. If prepared improperly, its toxic levels of the poison tetrodotoxin can kill you. But even then, you died deliciously. Still better than Gosling ink. 

Chat Roulette: Remember when this was a thing for like, ten minutes? Strangers whipping their peens out can be pretty damaging (remember Brett Favre's Crocs?), but still not as bad as having a dude who was on The Mickey Mouse Club gazing at strangers whenever you wear shorts.