5 Things We Secretly Want Our Men To Do For Us


Boundaries are good but don't you sometimes wish you can just say it all?

It’s been a known fact since time immemorial: women are truly hard to read. We could be very expressive, frank, and open one minute and be completely quiet, aloof, and secretive the next. From generations to generations, men have had difficulty in identifying the meaning of a word as simple as “okay” when a woman utters it. Is it “Okay, sure, you can enjoy the night with your friends?” Or does it mean “Okay, go out have fun but don’t expect me to talk to you for the next three weeks?” What it truly means we can’t really generally tell. It always depends on the situation, because we do look at things objectively. And it also depends on our mood, because, well, we are women.

What’s great about our mystery though is the more men exert effort in unraveling it, the more they will be enlightened. While our actions might be suggesting (whether he gets them or not) things that we obviously want from our man, there are still some that we want to keep to ourselves, just to see if he will eventually realize them.

1. Watch chick flicks and romantic comedy with us - Whenever we ask our boyfriend to do this, he refuses. And so we put on a sad little face with puppy eyes, and then he gives in. But sixteen minutes into the movie, he dozes off or become busy with his cell phone, checking out the latest NBA news. We get it, cheesy, mushy films about a clumsy girl who falls in love with a snob, workaholic man just isn't a dude’s thing. But it isn't just the gesture of patiently putting up with a shallow story line just to be with us that we want to see in our man. We have a reason why we watch these kind of films and that’s because the girls in the movie always end up with the love of their lives—after the guys overcome the traffic jam, talk to her mad friends, and do just about anything to get the girl. We want to believe it can happen to us too. We want a man who will cross the ocean for us. We want to see that kind of man in the person we are with, that would make us feel very lucky and special.

2. Tell us about the exes - Yes, while some think that talking about exes is a taboo, there are few instances when we want to hear about them. Guilty? Was that girl prettier than I am? Was she a better lover? But those are not the only questions we want answered. We tend to be very curious as to why the person we are dating and some girl broke up, especially if it was a long term relationship. This would help us evaluate if there is anything we should watch out for in the guy—like some weird behavior. Also, it allows us to discover the things that might turn him off so we can avoid them.

3. Cry, baby cry - They say boys don’t cry but real men do. Well we couldn't agree more. No, we are not sadist, we don’t take pleasure from their sorrow. We simply want to see a man shed a tear sometimes. It’s quite simple. Seeing someone cry makes us think they are human, and we need to know that our boyfriend or husband is human. But please, these men should never ever do it while watching a movie or reading a book. That’s our role.

4. Love letters - Remember that night when your date said he had a wonderful time with you just a few minutes after you parted ways? That was sweet, wasn't it? But you know in your heart that that was something that would eventually be buried in your inbox, since he simply texted it! Love letters will always be something any girl would want to receive. It’s so scarce these days that we often wish we lived during the World War I and had a soldier boyfriend who’d write us letters. You can only wish for your man to pick up a pen and write his thoughts about you, how you make him feel and how beautiful you are to him. Love letters never go out of style, even for a modern woman.

5. Sail away into the sunset - Drop this hint to him and he will probably be thinking white sand, pristine water, and ice cold beer—which is exactly why this is in our secret wish list. We can’t help it, media has done a great job in leading us into thinking that private getaways and sunsets are romantic. Sure, we appreciate them taking us to fancy dinners every now and then but nothing beats being away from the crowd and spending long hours in paradise with our one and only love. Seriously.

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