Get the Guy in San Francisco


Matthew Hussey of 'Ready for Love' is ready to get you ready for love. Don't miss his live event.

Matthew Hussey, the real life “Hitch”, and one of the elite matchmakers on NBC's 'Ready for Love' is coming to San Francisco on April 28. The British dating guru has been helping women find and attract the guy they want. Forget online dating. If you want to make 2013 your year to get off the market, don’t miss this chance to attend a live event with Hussey.

Who is Matthew Hussey? He is the creator of a system called “Get the Guy” that was designed for women to master the right body language to entice a man to approach them. In this hectic world dominated by online matchmaking, the lost art of sending the right signals and understanding the psychology of men is getting extinct. The number of frustrated singles is a sign that digital dating is not the end all be all.

What is Hussey’s secret? Simple. Utilizing the best in evolutionary psychology, Hussey teaches women how simple non-verbal cues can raise the number of dating options exponentially. Men need to know it’s safe to approach a woman. The advent of feminism has rendered men hesitant to approach a woman unless he knows his chances of being rejected are greatly reduced. These subtle but dramatic changes in how you move can make all the difference.

Finding love is a numbers game but keeping it is another lost art. Hussey has a method that is jam packed with strategies that optimize your chances of transitioning from dating to an exclusive relationship. Not only is it easy to learn but it’s a lot of fun. At the end of the day, it’s quite possible to get hitched thanks to the real-life Hitch.

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