3 Money Issues You Should Never Fight About

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Fighting about money? Here are three situations where you should forgo the fight.

Written by Gina Roberts-Grey for Credit Sesame

Even the hottest of romances hit a few bumps in the road. Whether it's forgetting the anniversary of your first date or trying to get out of walking the dog, there's plenty to fight about when you're in love. So why should finances pile unnecessary stress on to your relationship?

Here's a look at three financial feuds you just don't need to have.

1. The scenario: Lying about money.
Fibbing to your sweetie about how much you spent (or charged on the credit card), that you forgot to balance the checkbook or pay a bill on time can lead to feelings of betrayal. And cause a chasm to grow in between the two of you.

"People lie about money because they are trying to avoid an argument or being criticized. Hoping that the topic will not come up is a short-term solution. Of course the truth usually will come out," says Tina B. Tessina, PhD, a former accountant turned psychotherapist in the Los Angeles area, and author of Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage.

Lying about money is risky to your finances, too. You could end up paying unnecessary services charges if your partner doesn't realize the credit card is close to being maxxed out or if your unbalanced checkbook slips into the red.

Forgo the fight: Make a weekly date to have very specific discussions about spending trends and habits, budgets and limits. The concept of a date sets the tone that you're a couple working together and vested in each other instead of two people sharing the same checkbook. It reminds you that you're emotionally connected and on the same team.

And don't discuss finances while you’re both commuting to work, on the run, when it's late at night, or while watching TV.  Instead, Tessina says, you should make a date for discussing finances, and take the time to sit down together, with all the proper information, and discuss your needs, wants and means. Keep Reading ...

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