A Foreign Affair and The Paris Writing Cafe


My muse is whispering to me to go to Paris and write away in a cafe shop near the Eiffel Tower

The latest miracle in my life is the prompting from BodyTalk practitioner Heather Strang to take an international trip aligned with my dream. Since elementary I've aspired to be just like the literary prose scribes who got to create tales based on foreign and domestic adventures. Hemingway took off to Paris. So shall I in 2014 but I am planning now.

Just before the first day of spring, Heather ran a BodyTalk series titled "Manifest Your Dream Life", and my intentions to write my first book was front and center. In fact, I've already created a title "Capturing Captain America" My first foray into fiction is a ChickLit romantic comedy about how psychics should never be used to navigate one's love life. My heroine Tara has spent her life since age 16 looking for the magical Captain America after a psychic predicted he would be the right one for her. Now older and wiser, Tara gives up on her teenage love wish and instead finds romance with a British Polo Player. Was the psychic wrong from the start? Find out when the book is published.

Thanks to Heather Strang, who is the midwife of this fiction project, this whimsical read tackles the reasons why dreams must be forfeited in order for a miracle to be granted. Sometimes the very thing you are looking for is the last thing you should even notice because there is something better out there earmarked for you. Heroes comes in all shapes and sizes.