How A Book Caused Miracles


The day I picked up Gabrielle Bernstein's new book "May Cause Miracles" the miracles flowed

May Cause Miracles really did cause quite a few and lead to many healing moments full of love.

In early 2013 the book May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein was released. The six week thought makeover workbook was written as a self-study to turn thoughts from fear to love. In addition to May Cause Miracles, Bernstein's social networking site introduced me to people like Heather Strang and a Virtual Book Club for readers of Bernstein's writings.

The miracles came one after another. Heather Strang, a BodyTalk practitioner, launched her "Manifest True Love" series which gradually removed the wall of fear around my heart. Then Rowen Bridler, a British singer in Prague, allowed me to begin writing about the European music scene. During my Sunday morning book club meetings I brushed up on my German from Stephanie, an MBA student in Berlin, and heard stories of reinvention and renewal from Shana in Florida.

Once I subscribed to the love-based messages from Bernstein's website other emails from like-minded authors came my way. Christine Arylo, Tara Marino, Ashley Turner, and many other self-growth leaders became my new thought teachers. Eventually Heather Strang not only was my BodyTalk practitioner but also my writing coach after I read her book "The Quest". Most of all, the compassion that I had not felt for many years, was in abundance in my life.

Are the miracles a surprise? Yes. They just happen and the more I presence myself to see with loving eyes, those moments are miracles in itself. It's not easy to stay on the loving path when one's natural tendency is to be fearful. What makes it's easier now to switch is being surrounded by loving minded people. Fear may grip my mind but it stays a shorter time now.

Bernstein has been the greatest teacher in her living example. BodyTalk, a modality I discovered through, led me to be more diligent in practicing Kundalini Yoga, listen to religious science lectures, and meditate to reinforce new loving mind tapes in my head. It's a process but it's worth it. More and more "my ~ING" gets stronger as I follow Bernstein's DailyOM course. The year is not even half over and I can't wait to see what more miracles unfold. My one miracle for the year, which would be a major one after I surrendered, is that by 2014 I have a new last name.