Love Bytes: Calling Someone Your "Boyfriend" Doesn't Make It So

girlfriend in your face
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Plus, 10 things men forget to do in bed.

There is a tendency to want to label, quantify, qualify and in general categorize our lives. But does that really make anything "better"? Just because you call a guy your "boyfriend" will not improve your relationship. (The Stir)

You're probably not smart if you take dating advice from Ke$ha. (HowAboutWe)

For serious, stop taking yourself so seriously. (The Chive)

Next time, try loving like you can't be hurt. (Good Men Project)

Leaping Kafka in California … finally a reason to use prophylactics: bacon-flavored condoms. (Huffington Post)

Yams. I guess dudes who do more vacuuming receive less oral sex. That sucks. (The Daily Beast)

Your online dating profile pic is probably keeping you single. (eHarmony)

Is one of them the folding the sheets? 10 things men forget to do in the boudoir. (The Frisky)

Thinking that your guy is out of your league is not a great way to proceed with a relationship. (A New Mode)

Periodically, you need to tell yourself to STFU … 14 times to keep quiet in a relationship. (Madame Noire)

And 6 ways to lay off "self-abuse." Hot sauce? Chastity belt? Jesus? (TruTV)

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