Les Perils de la Parisian Paramour

Love, Sex

Can North Americans go Continental like the Parisians? Un amant n'est pas l'homme que vous aimez

French women seem capable of dancing with a paramour even if it is not the man they love. How is that possible? Je ne sais pas. Perhaps I am too much of a romantic. It seems too impossible. How can you become entangled with a paramour when there is one person out there, who, in the words to a Tina Turner song is simply the best?

The best is better than anyone you have ever met. They are the one person whom you must say, "You Better Be Good To Me". So, how do the French women do it? How can they be true to their heart when the presence of a paramour can't erase the presence of the best who stands out to you above all? The one person to whom their every word you hang on to.

It's not about how attractive the best is. Sure, they are handsome but many men out there are. The best is more than that. They are the one person who gets to your "hot zone". No, it's not about becoming amourous. It's about being able to speak to your soul on some intrinsic leve. The best is the one who, you need not, in the technique of Laura Day, "body heat". The best gets you down to your core. They just do. You can't help but just be honest with them. The problem is you may be too comfortable to show them your whole self. Why? The concept of lying to them is non-existent when they are around.

The best is the man or woman who can't be erased. You try, but can't, there is no use trying. Ironically, you can't tell them how much they set your heart on fire. Other men you can effortlessly be so bold as to tell them how attractive they are. You can't with the best. Why? You care too much how they will react. A paramour is the one you whisper sweet nothings to. The best is someone whom you just hope will just know how you feel without words. A paramour means lover. The best simply means ... pour vos yeux  ... seulement.  Je ne suis pas une femme française.

They say the type of dog breed you have reveals your character. At the end of the day I am not a French Bichon Frise guardian like the femme fatale.  Mein Hund ist ein Schäferhund.  Die treuesten Hund der Welt. (My dog is a German Shepherd. The most loyal dog in the world). As this other YourTango story demonstrates, of course a German Shepherd .... loves like this!