Puppy Love: Dog Travels 10 Miles To Find The Love Of His Life

two german shepherds

Love stories aren't just for humans.

We often discuss the strong connections between people and their four-legged friends — and even how they can boost your love life — but what about the bond between two dogs?

Turns out, some pooches will do anything for love.

Ben, a mixed German shepherd, ran away from owners Courtney and Jason Lawler back in December. Instead of hiding out in the neighbors yard or running into the woods, the 4 1/2-year-old pooch went on a mission for love. He traveled 10 miles in search of Jade, the mother of his children, according to TODAY.com.

In freezing winter temperatures, the determined dog trekked all the way to the Terre Haute (Ind.) Humane Society, where he was adopted from, to reunite with Jade, the love of his life, who was still living there.

"It was amazing," Courtney Lawler told TODAY.com. "I was really shocked because we thought he was still in our area when he got away, and he walked 10 miles away from us. We knew that they had been caught together (by the Humane Society) and that they stayed together (before Ben was adopted), but we didn't realize how strong of a bond they had."

Once the Lawlers witnessed the strong connection between the lovestruck German shepherds, they adopted Jade too. Now the doggie duo lives with the Lawlers and their 3-year-old son — and they couldn't be happier.

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