Where to mee younger partner?


Online dating market is growing every day.

Women reach their sexual peak in their mid to late thirties, while men reach their sexual peak between eighteen and twenty one. This disparity perhaps provides a scientific basis for a social trend that has recently come into focus amongst the media- that of older women pairing off with younger male partners. The media’s previous obsession with the youth and beauty of women as being their sole value is being turned on its head by this trend, which reveals experience is everything. Cougar Meet is one of the most popular online services through which younger men and older women can meet, date and enjoy passionate encounters.

Seekacougar(dot com)offers membership to men and women interested in this particular dynamic, with profiles featuring high quality imagery, age and location information, and a personal profile including interests and hobbies, and what kind of person the profile holder would be interested in. It’s designed to be an uncomplicated matching service for anything from uncomplicated hook ups to longer term arrangements, and with the power placed firmly in the hands of cougar women everywhere.

A spokesperson for Cougar Meet explained, “Cougar dating has become a massive trend to the point where I don’t believe this is simply a fad that will go away. Women feel empowered and sexually liberated by being able to match their needs to a younger man, while the relationships it creates challenge the social norms that have made women two-dimensional characters in society. By respecting the romantic desires and drives of older women and placing them first and foremost in our service, we’ve seen thousands of members flocking from all over the world to our site. The best part is that many of these are young men who shake off the expectation of what they should be looking for in favor of what they want, giving our women plenty to choose from.”