7 Things That Women Hate About Men


The top 7 things about men that most women don't like...at all!

Women are turned on by men in many different ways.  Some women like men who are attentive or intelligent, while others are looking for a man with a good body, pearly white teeth or flowing, silky hair. However, most women are very alike when it comes to these things that they hate most about men.  If you are having troubles finding that perfect woman, then the first thing you need to do is to step back and have a close look at yourself. What is it about you that you could change in order to make yourself more pleasing to the opposite sex?

The following seven things that women hate about men are as a result of confirmed findings from multiple studies:

Many men are often egotistical and are unwilling to compete with women in many aspects. An egotistical man believes that he is superior to his female counterpart, and this alone is one of the biggest turnoffs.

Sex Objects
Some men consider women to be nothing more than sexual objects. Men who see women as sex objects believed that their only important thing in life is to gratify them and give them children. There is nothing new to this concept as men have looked at women as sex objects since the beginning of time.

Breast Obsession
For most men, the first thing they see on any woman is their breasts. Men will go out of their way to determine what size a woman's breasts are, what kind of bra she is wearing as well as many other aspects associated with her breasts.

Long Hair
While some men may be able to pull off the long hair look, most men cannot. Many women are turned off by men with long hair; especially those who tie up their hair, use hair gel or even color their hair a different color.

Overly Dressed
Although it is usually men who complain about women that take too long to shower and get dressed, many men today are guilty of the same obsession. Most women find it a turnoff when men spend too much time choosing what clothes to wear. Some men today even use makeup which women find absolutely disgusting.

Sexually Overactive
Most men are obsessed with sex. They are easily excited and are almost always in a rush to get their clothes off and get into bed with a woman. A man who is sexually overactive will try to turn any conversation into one about sex. They often focus on the things of a woman that turned them on the most; such as their breasts, buttocks as well as legs. Most women hate men who want sex all the time.

Grizzly Adams
For most men, the concept of cutting the hair on their head and shaping its normal place. However, most men are unwilling to shape their chest, back or pubic areas. Most women are disgusted with men who are too hairy. The whole Grizzly Adams look, is considered unsightly and a definite turnoff. Furthermore, if a man has more back hair than Robin Williams, most women will simply walk away; or at least give some type of excuse to get away.


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