15 Simple Romantic Gestures That Say 'I Love You'

a loving couple

Sometimes, simply saying 'I love you' is not enough.

8. Display a sentimental snapshot. Instead of keeping an awesome photo of the two of you on your phone or Facebook wall, print a copy and frame it. Put it somewhere your partner will see it every day.

9. Make the bed at your S.O.'s place after you spend the night together. Tuck the sheets in, fluff the pillows, and make it extra neat so it's relaxing to get back into later. 

10. Help simplify your lover's day-to-day. Maybe he's been using the same broken umbrella for a year, or she's always misplacing her keys. Buy something to solve this little problem, like a top-of-the-line umbrella in his favorite color or a keychain that beeps when she whistles for it.

11. Suggest doing something that your boyfriend wants to do. Think of a restaurant, outing, movie — something that you know is right up his alley — and suggest it before he can bring it up.

12. Compliment your partner in front of other people. It doesn't just feel good for both of you, it also inspires other people.

13. Hold hands ... even if you're just watching TV at home. Touch is an easy and powerful gift you can give almost anywhere … in various stages of dress.

14. Post a list of three things you love about her on her Facebook wall or send it out into the Twittersphere.

15. Make a vow to always greet each other in a loving way after you've been apart. Even if it feels a little silly at first, it'll help you and your partner keep the butterflies alive.

This article was originally published at Durex USA. Reprinted with permission from the author.