7 Things That Make A Man Husband Material

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Our readers weigh in on what husband material means to them.

All this week we've been sharing our best advice on husband-worthy men. From the essential traits of a keeper to the types of guys who are NOT husband material, our experts are full of insight on what makes a man great.

And now, we turn to you. What makes a guy husband material to you? We've asked you on Facebook and Twitter to share with us what makes a man a keeper. From the guy who cooks and cleans to the one who doesn't play into stereotypes,  here are our favorite answers below.

1. "When he treats you well and never loses his temper with you. When he's patient and sees you as the only woman for him." - Melissa M Wells, Facebook

2. "Cheers me, tells me when I'm wrong, loves me just the way I am, cooks & cleans, has the ability 2 express love in action & words" - ‏@CiCi_NYC, Twitter

3. "A man who encourages you to do what makes you happy and brings out the best side of you everyday." - @Sabweena, Twitter

4. "A bigger indicator of #HusbandMaterial is being what your wife needs from you, not being a stereotype - @DatingRev, Twitter

5. "Adaptability and understanding" - @askmissalice, Twitter

6. "Greases my scalp without complaint lol" - @sexiiidread, Twitter

7. "If he is willing to listen to my past and not judge me, he is #husbandmaterial" - @jusdfiedred7, Twitter

What do you think makes a man a keeper? Tell us in the comments below.

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