Is Simplicity The Newest Wedding Trend?

a newlywed couple

More and more couples are saying 'I do' to smaller, more intimate ceremonies.

As the average age of couples getting married grows older, the dream wedding style morphs into a smaller affair.

Are contemporary weddings getting the "back to basics" treatment? As the average age of brides and grooms increases (right now hovering at 27 and 29, respectively), their desire for a lavish event might be diminishing.

Keeping things small and simple nowadays seems to have some appeal. Pared down wedding styles means less stress for the bride and groom, who might otherwise be dealing with hoards of family and friends asking about every last detail. The older you get, the more friends you will have likely accumulated and, if you don’t have siblings to designate as maid of honor or best man, choosing and ranking them all seems unfair — even harsh.

"There's a sense of ease because you're allowing your friends and family to just enjoy themselves as guests," says Philadelphia-based wedding photographer Shannon Collins told "[They] can focus on celebrating the couple in their own way."

Over the last 60 years, the average wedding age has increased from early to late '20s. According to a report from the National Marriage Project, the older you are by the time you're getting married, the more money you have (and as marriage age increases, so does earning potential).

Even if traditional financial roles between the bride's parents and groom's parents are adopted, a couple that has been financially independent for longer may be more apt to choose a simpler affair in favor of a grander occasion.

An older couple has had more time to ponder their own wedding. It makes sense that after having been a bridesmaid multiple times, a bride's personal tastes will change. Perhaps by the time she's 27, she's been in so many weddings that she wants to buck tradition and try something a little different, a little smaller. And we can't blame her for that.

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