Brandi Glanville: Lisa Vanderpump "Adores" Her 'DWTS' Partner

Brandi Glanville & Lisa Vanderpump

Exclusive! The Housewife talks Lisa's biggest competition (Kellie!) and plans to open a gay bar.

Tonight, the first Season 16 Mirror Ball hopeful leaves the competition on Dancing with the Stars. Should The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump be concerned? Not at all, at least according to her co-star Brandi Glanville.

The Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders author gives YourTango her prediction for DWTS' last celebrity standing, err, dancing. "I think [Lisa] has a good chance, and I think Kellie Pickler is really good, so either one of the two of them."

Find out what Lisa told her blonde BFF about pro-partner Gleb Savchenko and more:

YourTango: Did you see Lisa's debut performance on Dancing with the Stars?
Brandi Glanville: I was supposed to go and I was so bummed. I was working on a film and they said I would be done at 4. I was going with Ken but we didn't finish until 8 o'clock at night, so I missed the whole thing. But I did watch it online and I thought she was amazing. I know how hard she's working and she's been completely involved in that. I usually see her all the time, but she's so busy right now. I kind of want her to get kicked out so we can hang out again.

YourTango: That's funny. Have you talked to her about the show or her partner, Gleb Savchenko?
Brandi Glanville: Yeah, we talk every day, you know, so the conversations are shorter right now because she is so busy. She adores her partner. She thinks he's great. She just can't believe how much work it is. It's really hard on her body. They're working like five to eight hours a day for the show. And she's running two restaurants, and she's got the production of [Vanderpump Rules] and Housewives and Dancing with the Stars. And they're opening a gay bar. They have more jobs than anyone I know. I don't know how she gets done everything that she gets done.

YourTango: You just mentioned they're opening a gay bar. Is that in Hollywood?
Brandi Glanville:
Yes, West Hollywood … I think it's called Pump.

YourTango: Do you know when they plan to open Pump?
Brandi Glanville:
I know they just started the process, so I don't know when. I'm sure they'll probably follow it on Housewives. I'm not 100 percent sure where it stands at this point, but I know they're in talks and getting that done. Keep reading ...

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