Wise Words from Westlife


The Irish Boy Band is Back with a new single in 2013 titled "It's You". Their songs say it all

Westlife was more popular in the UK and Europe than America but for those of us who had British friends, we were fans. The thing with Westlife and Boyzone was that, well, if you had a thing for European guys those boy bands were a welcome other option to 98 Degrees and the sort. European guys were always so much more sensitive. These Westlife songs illustrate my point:

You Must Have Had A Broken Heart: Some men say that a woman who was hurt before has baggage. Westlife appreciates and sees how only someone who has been hurt deeply can love just as much with the right one.

Something Right: There are guys wiith a sense of entitlement and then there is Westlife, counting their blessings, and knowing good karma got them the right one.

Fragile Heart: No matter how much someone hurt you there is another out there who can repair it. Westlife doesn't think your wall is a sign to walk away but a chance to bring it down.

If I Let You Go: Westlife sings about the cost of letting someone go that matters most. Other men aren't even capable of caring about more than when they will next score.

It's You: Only a man can admit that the reason they are happy is because of a woman. An overgrown boy is too scared to.

Somebody Needs You: Westlife declares that it ain't the same without her.

Beautiful In White: Lyrics speak for themselves. Any man that can sing that isn't afraid of committment.

Unbreakable: See comments for Beautiful in White. Proves my point again.

I Wanna Grow Old With You: See comments for Unbreakable, I'm right again.

Don't Say It's Too Late: A man will ask for a second chance because he can put his pride aside.

Why Do I Love You: Men use the word "love" but boys can't even say "like".

What's Makes A Man: A man who is able to say that you're one of a kind to him and that he tears up over you. Only a man comfortable enough in being a man can and will admit that.

Westlife is back. The boy band has grown into a fine team of men. Why are European men so much more naturally masculine yet more deep and sensitive at the same time? When it's not a European man it's not the same for me. Westlife reminds me why.