Fertile Thoughts: The Tennessee Twins Effect


The twin birth rate has doubled in the US since the 1980's and Tennessee town has plenty of doubles

My grandfather was a twin so perhaps I've always been fascinated with them. He had a twin sister but lost her to a tropical illness at age 9. Twins are the subject of studies and interest, whether they are identical or fraternal, because of the bond they seem to share. Stories abound on how twins seem to have their own language and a strong intuitive connection. Whatever the case, twins are still rare, so when they are born it's the subject of much interest.

Papa's mother didn't take any fertility drugs to have a set of twins. She just got lucky. However, fertility treatments are known to increase the odds of having a pair. Twins are alot of work. Imagine a double dose of the terrible two's? Is it really all that bad?

My fertile thoughts have shifted gears to babies. Genetics is interesting. Apart from the physical characteristics, donor profiles include SAT scores, LSAT or MCAT scores, and GPAs throughout High School and beyond. Then there are the personality traits of temperament, artistic ability, and how well they play with others. Donor files even include baby and childhood pictures and of course a family medical history.

Picking paternal DNA is so much more appealing than winking at stranger profiles on an online dating website. For one thing, not everything who applies to donate genetic material is accepted. So there is screening and certainly those who are accepted are above average in enough categories to qualify to be in the database. While some donors opt to remain anonymous there are a many who are willing to meet their biological offspring once the child turns 18. Best of all, once a donor is selected, you can use the same one by placing a reserve on their DNA for when you want to have another child.

Once the donor is chosen it's fertility boosting time for the next six months. That includes fertility yoga, Fertilitea, fertility acupuncture, etc. I'd rather increase my odds of getting pregnant the natural way rather than pump my body with hormones. Either way, the goal is to have a baby by next summer. Adoption isn't right for me. I want my own blood in my brood.