Miss Travel: Would You Travel For A Date?


Would you go on a first date with a stranger to a luxury resort if they paid for everything?

Beyond POF.com, OKCupid, and eHarmony, the dating site Miss Travel is a matchmaking site where the guy pays for everything, including a travel companion. The trick is, the website doesn't do a background check on the men, or the women, and you meet for the first time at the vacation spot.

Sure if you want to see the world for free it could work out for you. The odds are that not everyone is looking for love on a site like this. Hence the snickering that it's a cover site for the world's oldest profession .... and not the one where women wear habits.

Love online begins with a wink. Love offline begins with body language. Either way, one is not a better method of connecting than the other. The problem is, online dates have a lower rate of conversion to the real thing. When it doesn't happen naturally it is awkward and stressful. Sure, I've known many couples who met and married after an Internet match, but I also know endless people who are left empty handed no matter which dating site they join.

Miss Travel will get you to meet an online match fast. It's designed to make the man show that he is serious. For the man it is risky. One weekend at a resort can cost him thousands of his hard earned cash with no guarantee of a love match. If he is serious about finding the right one, that money is better spent on a matchmaker, like Stellar Hitch or April Breyer. Besides, who wouldn't want their date background checked? I would. I've been.

If you are serious about love then you have to have trust and honesty. One should expect to submit to a background check. I've always said that if I were dating someone seriously and they asked if they could check me out, I'd grant a company like Kroll permission to perform it for them. The only problem is, don't assume that your date is serious about you just because he ran your information. Curiosity and romantic interest are mutually exclusive. Not for me or others, but for some.