Demystifying the Use of Sex Toys


Some people think that those who buy sex toys do so because they do not enjoy sex with their partner

Studies have shown that a big percentage of people in the world use sex toys. Even those who do not use sex toys masturbate regularly. However, there are a variety of misconceptions surrounding the use of sex toys. These myths make some people shy away from sex shops even though they sincerely need those toys. The following are some of the most ridiculous myths that have existed for a long time.

That sex toys are for people who have a poor sex life

Some people think that those who buy sex toys do so because they do not enjoy sex with their partners or they do not have a sexual partner at all. However, studies have shown that people with steady sexual partners use sex toys more than those who are single. About 20 to 30 percent of men and women have used sex toys at some time in life. Sex toys can be used by sexual partners to spice up their relationship. Men can exercise using them to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation. Likewise, ladies can use sex toys to exercise their vaginal muscles for a more satisfying sexual experience with their sexual partners. Many people are using sex toys regardless of their social status.

That sex toys will lead to addiction

Contrary to this myth, use of sex toys cannot harm you in any way provided you use them properly. You may become used to sex toys but you can get back to your sexual partner or masturbation without any withdrawal syndrome. It is possible to use sex toys when your partner is away and enjoy normal sexual experience when you get together again.

That women who use sex toys will not need men

Some men fear that their partners will no longer require them when they start using sexual toys. Whether a woman uses sex toys or not, she will still require that emotional connection with her partner. A sex toy will not be able to communicate nor give her the support that you give her. For men, a sex toy will never prepare him a cup of tea. There is therefore no reason why any of you should be worried about sex toys.

That sex toys can damage your body

There is no evidence to show that sex toys can cause insensitivity of your sexual organs or any other harm if they are used properly. Any tool can cause harm if mishandled. This does not prevent us from using these tools in our daily activities.
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