Athena to Atalanta: Jungian Archetypes of Single to Married


Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen's writings on Greek Goddess archetypes explains the dynamics of partnership

The only way Athena women (Jungian archetype written about by Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen) is through divine intervention by Aphrodite to turn them into Atalanta. Now I'm curious why it's only Old World men that I develop this father-daughter or brother-sister dynamic with. It has nothing to do with age. Yet to be Atalanta means to have the partnership or husband-wife dynamic with a man. Herein lies the paradox.

Is the road from Fraulein to Frau, Mademoiselle to Madam, Senorita to Senora .... a never ending journey?

Who is Atalanta? She was a competitive woman who was the fastest runner around. She literally ran away from marriage until Aphrodite helped turn her into a domestic wife thanks to some golden apples.

What is an Athena woman in Jungian archetype terms: A woman who is ruled by her head, a daughter of patriarchy, aloof, out of touch with her feminine side, stoic, and not one for much compassion. She was also independent because she was immune to falling for anyone.

Reading about Dr. Bolen's concept of archetypes had me thinking about the paradox of it in every day life. I bond with Old World men as a daughter or sister regardless of age but the opposite yields the reverse. I've never seemed to be able to have any kind of bond or rapport with the opposite of the Old World Man (think: young Sean Connery back when he was Bond. Heck, I still see him as the only real Bond).

When I've been around the counterpart to Old World Men, it's the Jock types that I call the "Brody Jenner" types from places like Orange County (O.C.) who seem to be on a different planet from me and vice-versa. The problem is .... the later are the ones who fall into the third category. Now I'm in a predicament.

So I can bond with Bond (Connery types) but they are father and brother figures. We talk and communicate like that. On one hand I am totally open and forthright with them. They get my humor and mindset. Bond men have a strength to them that has everything to do with brain more than brawn. Don't get me wrong, Bond guys are tough but also tender. For example, at 17 the young Connery was already an officer in Britain's Royal Navy. At 17, the opposite kind of males are more like Justin Bieber.

Yet, the Brody types, on extremely rare occasions, are the only kind of men who develop the partner potential dynamic with me. It's as rare as a blue moon, but once in a blue moon, it happens. So I run away. Just like Atalanta.

If Old World is Bond who like Connery, can handle a strong woman and likes it, then New World types of the Brody Jenner or Jackson Hurst variety who only seemed to be able to handle a purring Pussycat doll like Ashley Roberts. I'm so perplexed. Ashley Roberts was actually my favorite of the dolls but since my appearance would be closer to Nicole Scherzinger, well, that's my point.

Moments like these trigger all sorts of considerations that run through my mind. I feel they won't understand me and will try to change me into a Southern Belle. How can I have chemistry of that nature if the man can't speak at least two languages fluently? Or understand the family values of the Old World? Where is the common connection of the unspoken tradition, regardless of cultural origin, that places a value on loyalty and such?

When I tell a man or woman raised in an Old World value system that I am loyal to them as a friend or colleague, they understand what it means. It's not about language but a feeling. There is alot less explaining of my perspective.

Yet when sparks turn into embers in the romantic attraction sense ... it's not Connery that draws my heart out but Brody types. Am I causing this? Is it all my way of staying safe or am I thinking too much? Just like Athena?